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FTAM! Sale!

Sign up for our FTAM! Designing Sound Elements in Adobe Illustrator workshop by Friday, January 6, and you'll get some really neat extra stuff!

Gold registrations will receive a bonus 2-hour video: Creating a Cast of Characters (valued $60), where Jerzy Drozd walks you through a story improv exercise where you'll use the characters you've met in real life as inspiration to develop a rich cast of characters with plausible emotional throughlines.


A coupon for $100 off our Creative Topics Variety Pack of videos, adding up to nearly 11 hours of instructional material ranging from explorations of visual rhythm to automating your workflow to basic HTML 5 coding for your comic's website.


A one-on-one session with Jerzy Drozd where you can get some input on your comics work!

Silver registrations will receive the bonus video and the coupon for $100 off the Creative Topics Variety Pack.

Bronze registrations will receive the bonus video.

So regardless of what level you're comfortable signing on for, you're guaranteed extra materials for signing up before Friday, January 6!

Already signed up for the class? No problem. As a thanks for signing up early, you'll get the bonus material assigned to the level to which you've registered.

Think this is a neat idea, but can't afford to sign up at all? Then tell a friend by posting a link to this post on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, or on your blog. And thank you so much for that!

FTAM! Creating Sound in Adobe Illustrator Workshop

Registration is now open for a multi-session workshop series where you'll learn how to use Adobe Illustrator to create sound elements for your comic!

In this series, amounting to 6 hours of instructional material led by Jerzy Drozd, you'll learn how to select fonts, design word balloons from scratch, create alternate voices for your characters, design unique sound effects, and integrate them into your comics art.

The live sessions will be held on January 7, 11, and 14, but you can also participate in a time-shifted manner and learn at your convenience.

Check out the class page for more details and a video preview of the workshop.

Previews of 30/30 Workshops!

As we enter the final week to sign up for 30 Classes in 30 Days, we're rolling out some video sneak peaks of what you'll experience over the course of this event.

First up, we have a preview of Krishna Sadasivam's Creating Crazy Characters! workshop. This four-part series will cover a variety of aspects you'll need to know in order to transform a simple drawing into a fully-realized character.

Next we have a sample from Kim Holm's Digitally Organic Art workshop, a fascinating look at how to incorporate traditional art into your digital piece in order to create an organic look with pixels.

There are still open seats for the live classes, but you can get discounted rates if you prefer to take your classes in a time-shifted manner–that is to say, download the recorded class at your convenience and participate in the forum assignments.

It's going to be an exciting month of workshops covering a broad spectrum of topics that will help you in your visual storytelling pursuits!

Sequences and Mashups!

We're finalizing our list of workshops for the big 30 Classes in 30 Days event, and we've got two more to announce!

In Sequences and Consequences, you'll learn how the tone and plot of your comics story can change through a simple rearrangement of elements! In this interactive workshop you will create a comic on a series of 3x5” index cards. You will then change the sequence of panels to create a new way of looking at the story, or discover an entirely new narrative.

In Headline Mashup! you'll find out how ideas are easy to come by–the hard part is turning them into a story! In this hands-on interactive workshop you will be presented with three random headlines from the newspaper, and select three random objects. You will then be challenged to combine these elements into an eight-page mini-comic! A fun improvisational storytelling workshop where you’ll be surprised with what you create.

We've updated the 30 Classes in 30 Days event page with a new linear calendar of workshops so you can easily see all of the terrific events lined up for this November.

More reasons to sign up! The Gold Level breaks down to only $10 per workshop.