LIA Cast 89 - Sustaining Your Creativity with Stephen McCranie

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Ever made it partway through a creative project and everything just sputters out?

Kazu Kibuishi recently described the creative process:

  1. This is going to be awesome
  2. This is hard
  3. This is terrible
  4. I'm terrible
  5. Hey, not bad
  6. That was awesome

(via Kazu's Twitter)

If that's the cycle we can expect, how do we keep ourselves going during steps 2 through 4? We're joined by guest Stephen McCranie of the Doodle Alley comics essay series. Together we discuss strategies for keeping one's self motivated and centered in what is often an emotionally tumultuous endeavor.

We also announce the latest Quest! Check out This Character is Lying, a series of mini-challenges that will up your game in editing, writing dialog, and expressive moments in your stories.

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LIA Cast 89 - Sustaining Your Creativity