LIA Cast 69 - Perseverance and Perseverance

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There’s a romance to “muscling through” and shipping. Never give up! Ganbare!

“Only a weakling gives up when the going gets tough!” - Peter Parker

But what if you’re shipping the wrong thing? How do you know whether it’s a question of your own abilities, or if it’s a situation where you can’t see the forest for the trees?

But changing projects means giving up on the old one, right? Isn’t that admitting defeat? Way to give up, Baron Wimpy von Quitsalot.

It's a packed episode as we walk around this topic, take on a curveball, and talk about this episode's Quests!

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And don't forget to check out this episode's Quest: Evil, or Just a Jerk? Deadline to get your entry discussed on the next show is February 13, 2013!

This episode's entries for Quest 2: Harvester of Borrow!

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LIA Cast 69 - Perseverance and Perseverance