LIA Cast 82 - Where Do You Blog?

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In episode 75 we deconstructed the question of whether one should blog during their creative project's development. This time we're operate under the assumption that you do wish to blog and share content, which leads to another question: Where do you put this stuff?

Blogging has changed a lot over the past 5 years. It used to be common wisdom to host your own blog and post links on social media. Blogs were for content, social media were for news about the content. But with more and more social media sites encouraging users to post richer content to their streams, the line has been blurred. Many creators are conducting their presence and content entirely on social media sites like Tumblr, Facebook Fan Pages, and Google+.

Mike Elgan issued a challenge to content creators: Blog exclusively on Google+ for the month of August. And a lot of interesting discussion has been happening on his posts in regards to the pros and cons of such a move. What if the service on which you're blogging goes all Posterous on you?

We tackle the question ourselves in the 10,000 Ft Up segment of this episode followed by some On The Ground tips on how we manage our blogging and presence.

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 We also launch a new Quest! LIA Quest 8 - A Full Deck of Cards!Deadline to have your quest discussed on the next LIA Cast is August 28, 2013!

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