LIA Cast 85 - Where the Heck are All of My Art Files?

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So you set up a clever file structure to keep all of your art files. The digital pencils, inks, colors and lettering are all neatly kept in a folder architecture with a foolproof naming convention on your hard drive.

And then 6 months later you discover an egregious error on an earlier page that needs a quick fix. You search your system, but you can't remember the file name or where you put it. What now?

We're joined by Anne Drozd, cartoonist and Mellon Collection Assistant at the Univeristy of Michigan Museum of Art, for a discussion on easy-to-implement techniques on managing your digital art files.

We also announce a new Quest! Check out Jerzy's Insta-Cast, a series of tiny art challenges that, once completed, will set you off to creating your own cast of characters. Deadline to have your quests discussed on the show is October 8, 2013!

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LIA Cast 85 - Where the Heck are All of My Art Files?