LIA CAST 113 - Webcomic Jack of All Trades with Special Guest Dawn Griffin

Do Jills and Jacks of All Trades gravitate to webcomics or does the pursuit of webcomics cause people to become a Jack/Jill of All Trades?

In this episode of the +Lean Into Art Cast, Rob is joined by special Guest Dawn Griffin of Zorphbert & Fred, the Webcomic Alliance, and professional illustration to discuss her Jack of All Trades approach to webcomics and illustration business.

Jerzy is traveling this episode, promoting The Warren Commission Report, a Graphic Investigation, he'll be back next episode!

Note about this episode - Rob here by the way - normally we have a video to share with the audio version of the podcast - I'm sorry we don't have that this time. I tried recording via my YouTube account (instead of Jerzy's). I learned via recording this episode that my YouTube account has a time limitation that it didn't used to have.

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