LIA Cast 115 - Knowledge Curation

Talking about researching, leveling up skills, learning new skills, and information hoarding on the LIA Cast!

When you're in school, learning and leveling up are often very directed activities with relative clarity in their intended outcomes. But when you're on your own in your art explorations, finding the resources to level up, and defining the outcome in which you're interested, can be jobs in and of themselves. 

How do you know whether or not you're ignorant on a topic or skill?  How do you find the resources you need to broaden your knowledge or strengthen your skills?  How do you curate and refine this information into something useful?

Join us for a discussion on researching and curating knowledge to improve our art. Together we explore the distinctions between the Autodidact, the Workflow-Hacker, and the Adaptive Expert For Hire and how each of them might leverage various online and offline tools to find, collect, and refine information that can assist with shipping your art projects.

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