LIA Cast 97 - Grinding Through Your Webcomic, with Kasey Van Hise and Megan Brennan

Making webcomics, task management, staying motivated, and more!

If you're thinking about starting a webcomic, or fatigued after running one, this Lean Into Art Cast is for you!

Webcomics are great! You get to create exactly what you want, you're not beholden to anyone else's input, and you get to make your own schedule.

But none of these nice thoughts diminish the unpleasant reality that making a webcomic is a grind. A consistent update schedule is common wisdom to building an audience. You've just set yourself up with years of regular toil, as rewarding as it may be. So how do you deal with the fatigue and lows that come with taking on a long-form project?

We're joined by Kasey Van Hise of the long-running Winters in Lavelle and Paracite Knights webcomics, and Megan Brennan of School of World and Pencil Pup! for a discussion on how to come to grips with the inevitable grind of making long-form projects.

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