LIA Cast 126 - Getting Out in Front, with Lee Cherolis and Samantha Kyle

Must all visual artists be public performers?

It was never enough to simply make things and wait for the public to show up and love it, but more and more it seems that creative people need to get out in front to promote their work.

This “performance” aspect can be daunting to many in the creative arts. Illustration, design, and coding are often solitary efforts, attracting the introverted or shy. So what can we learn from artists in more performance-based media about how to get out in front of our work?

On this episode of the Lean Into Art Cast we're joined by Lee Cherolis of the Little Guardians webcomic, and Samantha Kyle, cartoonist, designer, and Valkyrie. Samantha and Lee are also members of rock band The Shake Ups in Ponyville. Together we pick apart how things change for a visual artist once they begin thinking of themselves as a performance artist.

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