Lean Into Art Quests are LIVE!

LIA Quests, a new interactive creative challenge and feature of the LIA Cast. Much like our Curveball segment, we throw out a small challenge at each other (and you, the Leaner) to get our creative motors running.

See the latest Quest on the Quests page and take these mini-challenges with us here and on Twitter using the hashtag #liaquest. Link to your work to complete the quest, link to other examples to share powerups.

New Feature: Student and Teacher Gallery

We are excited to announce the Gallery of Student and Teacher Creative Works! It's a new feature at Lean Into Art which will showcase images of what our students and teachers are currently making.

Curious how to post an image to the gallery? Students and Teachers, log in to the site and click the "Send Image to the Online Showcase Gallery" link in the Members menu.

Stop by every Wednesday to see the latest gallery images!