LIACast 78 - Pros and Cons of Cons

How important is it for independent creators to table or attend conventions? Jerzy and Rob explore a variety of angles to evaluating the benefits and costs of conventions (including art fairs, festivals, events, and trade shows).

Conventions are alluring social and business events yet can be expensive in both time and money cost. Especially so with conventions involve traveling long-distance. Yet we see examples of the excitment, networking, sales, and other benefits that can be part of successful conventioning.

We explore the pro and cons of conventioning and offer comparisons, alternatives, and combinations of attending, tabling, versus and considering your online presences.

Leaners won't be surpised - instead of a canned-plan, we take a choose-your-own-adventure approach!

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LIACast 78 - Pros and Cons of Cons