LIA Cast 76 - Everyone Doubts

Why would anyone care about what I have to say? In this episode of the Lean Into Art Cast, Rob explores the topic of self-doubt with special guest co-host: writer, former therapist, and mommy blogger Kate Shields Stenzinger. Where's Jerzy? He's off to the Toronto Comics Art Festival!

Kate and Rob discuss their own encounters with doubt in their creative projects, approaches to dealing doubt, and wonder if there's a strong connection to motivation and fear. Along the way they highilght very different models that they've each adopted: creating for the expression vs. creating as an ongoing commitment or service.

We wrap up the show with some tactics (a.k.a "stupid helpy tips") to help battle the doubt!

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Closing Thought: Leaners Aren't Weiners! Thanks for Listening!

Lean Into Art Cast 76 - Everyone Doubts