LIA Quest 2: Harvester of Borrow

A reflective writing exercise.

Hey Leaners! Rob Stenzinger here as quest-giver this week.

Every artist is inspired by another artist's work. Inspiration can be an important cue to the things that you have a voice to make in kind. Inspiration can also lead you to creating works that are seemingly un-related to the work that fueled the fire in your belly. Sometimes comics inspiration leads to comics output. Other times a painting leads to a comic, a song leads to a book, or a video game leads to a short story.

The quest:

Normal Quest: Name a creative work and brief note of how it affected something you made. Link to the creative work (if possible) and the thing you made.

Heroic Quest: Write a paragraph or more post about the thing that inspired you, what you made from that inspiration.

Note: Including visual storytelling is totally optional yet totally welcome!

To turn in the quest: Tweet a link to your post with the hashtag #liaquest2

To offer a power-up: Share a link to a similar kind of post, artists talking about others work whether they call it inspiration or just getting excited to make things.