LIA Quest 8: Full Deck of Cards

Rough ideas are useful especially at the early creative stages for any project. This quest is all about exploring quick challenges and capturing rough ideas.

Not all quests are epic!

This quest is intended to take 5 minutes to take the challenge and 5-10 minutes to post about it if you care to share your experience, process, or results!

Normal Quest

Choose a Quest Card and take the 5 minute challenge!

Heroic Quest

Choose a Quest Card and take the 2 minute challenge!

Share the results

Tweet about your challenge!

Share your results in a blog post and Twitter with the #liaquest8 tag.


3 of 11 cards unlocked so far.

Tweet your quest card results to unlock more, be sure to include the hashtag #liaquest8!

Or choose a ready/unlocked quest card below:

  1. Greetings ready
  2. Pirate Figure ready
  3. Duck Occupation ready
  4. Scary vs. Silly ready
  5. Friendliest Shape ready
  6. Atmosphere ready
  7. Three Squiggles ready
  8. Cat's Refuge ready
  9. Design Attention ready
  10. Bird Hero ready
  11. Two Symbols ready