LIA Cast 09 - Look at My Thumbs




An extra-visual episode comes your way this time as Rob and Jerzy explore thumbnailing strategies. Jerzy brings samples from throughout his comics career to share different methods he's used, from ultra-tight mock-ups sculpted from multiple iterations, to loose and playful sketches that leave more work to be done at the final stages of production.

Through this investigation we also talk about how an artist's approach to their process can change over time, based on one's pitfalls and triumphs. Is it more frightening to approach the blank page when you're a beginner, or after a few minor successes? How might one line up their process in order to ensure that they'll ship on the project? How much is too much organization?

You might be surprised with some of our answers, but you won't be surprised to hear that the answers are not final.

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LIA Cast 09 - Look at My Thumbs