LIA Cast 11 - Dare to Compare



It's an audio-only episode of the LIA Cast, but Rob and Jerzy make up for it with a thorough discussion on our topic for the week.

This episode starts out with a review of one of the labs from Lean Into Art's 30 Classes in 30 Days, where Jerzy led an improvisational story building activity using emotional anchors from our pasts as a point of inspiration.

The conversation then turns to the advantages and dangers of comparing one's career, art style, and accomplishments to those of others. In an age of rampant sharing and "self-cheerleading", one might feel a little beleagured by the exuberant exclamations made by others over their accomplishments. How does one avoid the inevitable feeling of coming up short? Jerzy and Rob take a stroll around the idea and try to pick at the psychology behind this trap, and offer some of their own experiences in dealing with it.

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LIA Cast 11 - Dare to Compare