LIA Cast 32 - 5 Tips

It's a massive 2-hour video episode of the Lean Into Art Cast as Rob and Jerzy take on the common misconceptions surrouding cartoons for kids. We address the following five criticisms leveled at these kinds of shows:

  • Two-dimensional characters
  • Simplistic or hack writing
  • Nonsensical worlds or premise
  • Based on toys or games, commercials
  • Preachy, pro-social drivel

And land on the following five responses, which also serve as great tools to improve your writing!

  • Vibrant characters
  • Clear storytelling
  • Imaginative internal logic and the Integrating Discipline of Kid Logic
  • Playability factor as limitation to inspire creativity
  • Well-defined intent

So whether you love cartoons or not, this episode is packed with great discussion on topics we visual storytellers struggle with constantly. And you just might pick up on a few tips to help with your next project!

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LIA Cast 32 - 5 Tips