LIA Cast 117 - Reflecting on the Art SoundOff Challenge

Capturing our reflections on the Art SoundOff Challenge on the LIA Cast!

We've just completed the inaugural Art SoundOff, where Rob and Jerzy challenged each other to record a journal microcast every day during the month of November, 2014. We opened the challenge to the public, and were happy to see a number of you play along.

Now that we're done, it's time for reflection. How are we different after this? What did we discover about ourselves or our work? How will this experience change our future endeavors? Did we find any new things to hope for in our work or in the community surrounding it?

Join us for another live stream of the Lean Into Art Cast where we'll reflect on our own experiences in the Art SoundOff Challenge. We'll also read some of the reflections shared by other participants.

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