LIA Cast 107 - Making Non-Fiction Comics, with Dan Mishkin

Talking about the special concerns and advantages to making non-fiction comics on the LIA Cast!

Most comics clarify their narratives through lines on paper. This means that nothing is real in a comic, which means that everything is real in the context of a comic! It also means that everything rendered in a comic has the potential for expression beyond physical representation.

So how do we leverage this expressive potential when making non-fiction comics? Are you honor-bound to capture and express everything objectively? How do you identify the narrative within the series of real events? Once you've identified the narrative, how do you find the balance between what the words and visuals tell?

This we're joined by Dan Mishkin, writer of The Warren Commission Report: A Graphic Investigation into the Kennedy Assassination, a non-fiction comic he created with Ernie Colón and Jerzy Drozd. Together we reveal the special storytelling cards up comics' sleeve when dealing in historical or non-fiction topics.

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