LIA Quest 6: An A-Team of Your Own

You Are Writing a Memoir of An Incredible Mission.

You were chosen by a very powerful secret organization to assemble a team of heroes from any story in any genre in any media.

Who was on the Team?

What was the mission?

Choose from the following scenarios below to form the reason you needed to recruit the team.

Choose a Scenario

  • To save the Earth from a hostile extra terrestrial armada with hundreds of thousands of powerful ships and soldiers.
  • To train a plucky young hero so they may win a multi skill tournament against incredibly skilled, powerful opponents.
  • To rescue a good giant who's fallen under a spell to attack an innocent village.
  • To pull off a rare jewel heist from an eccentric wealthy wormhole tycoon's asteroid.
  • To solve an international suspense who-done-it mystery.

Normal Quest

  1. List the members and your reason for choosing them individually.
  2. Describe what you expect the team to do.
  3. What makes them a good team to tell a story about?

Heroic Quest

  • Draw your team! Any way you want - group pose, action shot, grid of head shots.

Ways to Keep the Quest A Mini-Challenge vs. A Giant Project

  • Keep it quick and fun! If you finish the quest super fast on normal, you can always take it again or upgrade to the heroic quest!
  • One way to keep it quick: make your responses super brief. For instance: 140 character limit to each response in the Normal Quest.
  • 2 or more characters make up a team, if you're short on time keep the team roster low! Also, it's tough to track the relationships among team members if there's a ton of characters to follow.

Deadline to have your quest mentioned on the next LIA Cast: April 24!