LIA Cast 72 - Collective Art

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Whether you find yourself working on a team for a job or just engaging in a creative "rock band" experiment, chances are that you'll eventually work with someone, sometime, on something.

But when groups get together to do any collaborative tasks, various kinds of tension and friction occur. This time we focus on the 3 Key Friction Points to evaluate when a collaboration gets a little less...harmonius:

  • Unpredictability (delightful and otherwise) 
  • Assumptions or Mental Models of the team members
  • Motivation or Intent of the team members

But we always start with a curveball, and this episode's pitch comes by way of Ryan Estrada:

And we close with a discussion of LIA Quest 4: The Smell of Funny!

After the quest, take it to the next level!

And don't forget to check out this episode's Quest: Not That Guy! Deadline to participate in time for the next show is March 27!

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LIA Cast 72 - Collective Art