LIA Cast 73 - Unlocking Consistency

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You're making a comic and everyone is off model. The style you've tried out on page one doesn't match the style you're achieving on page 24. Some days you feel like drawing loosely, some days you want to draw tighter illustrations. How do you make your work more consistent?

But before we take on this question we back out to explore all the different aspects of consistency, including: 

  • Keeping on Model
  • Defining one's style
  • Output
  • Workflow
  • Outlook

And as usual, we close with some tips and strategies to unlock consistency in our On the Ground section.

We also review this episode's entries for LIA Quest 5: Not THAT Guy! 

 After this quest, here's where to go for more awesome techniques and strategies on this topic:

 No quest given with this episode, but you can check out and try the first five on the Quests blog.


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LIA Cast 73 - Unlocking Consistency