LIA Cast 74 - Preparing for Opportunities

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Our curveball once again hacks the show! We got an interesting question from Lee the other day:

Can misidentifying your tribe initially hurt your career/personal projects?

I keep following people who do what I do/what I want to do, but it feels like high school all over again with me not fitting neatly into any cliques. I feel like I must not be understanding what a tribe is, or how to find mine. What if a tribe doesn't exist for someone, they're too.... unusual? :<

If it is like high school, how can we learn from our past experiences to navigate these "tribes" to find the groups where we feel at home?

We build upon this with a tweet from Kazu Kibuishi, who always shares thought-provoking posts:

And this episode features the return of the Lean Into Art Quests! Check out Rob's An A-Team of Your Own, and share your efforts on Twitter with the #liaquest6 tag by April 24, 2013 to have it shown on the next episode.


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LIA Cast 74 - Preparing for Opportunities