LIA Cast 99 - Patreons of the Arts

Crowdfunding, Patreon, making a business for your webcomic, and more!

Talking about Patreon on the Lean Into Art Cast!

In all of the recent revolutions in crowd funding, Patreon has to be one of the most exciting. Though similar to platforms like Kickstarter and indiegogo, Patreon stands apart in that it empowers creative people to muster support for ongoing projects like webcomics, podcasts, and more. But how do you know if you're ready to start a Patreon campaign? How does one approach designing pledge tiers and milestones that are creatively and financially sustainable? What's the proper balance between generating buzz around your Patreon campaign and haranguing your fans?

We're joined by Jon Rosenberg, cartoonist behind Scenes From A Multiverse and Goats, for a discussion on how he's made Patreon work for his creative projects.

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