LIA Cast 98 - Marketing Art and Artist

Marketing your work, finding your audience, and more!

Exploring the unique value proposition of your art--namely, you, on the LIA Cast!

Over the past few months we've discussed Getting a Reaction and Showcasing Yourself, Landing Your Perfect Gig, and Grinding Through Your Webcomic. This time we're going to round out this ongoing conversation by exploring how we might think about the stuff we make around the stuff we make. Is it self-indulgence to make supplemental material for our comics, games, or stories? Or does making such things--geeking out with intent--create meaningful connections between the author and the audience?

In this edition of the Lean Into Art Cast we discuss one of the most challenging aspects to making a thing--supplying the necessary context to find the right audience for the stuff you make.

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Quests are back! Check out Quest 11, A Rainbow of Feels, where you'll be challenged to use your emotions to create your own color palette.

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