LIA Cast 138 - What Needs to Improve: Your Effort, or Your System?

Talking about improving our workflows on the LIA Cast!

In past episodes we've talked about the "monastic approach" to one's practice. By focusing on the pleasure of the activity itself it becomes a habit that may yield unforeseen rewards. By placing our focus primarily on making the work that drives us intellectually mad we're less distracted by things like cataloging the incremental advances in our craft or fretting about where we stand in our field.

Yet there are times when we might feel a sense of dissatisfaction with our practice. The quality of the work might be lacking, or one might sense that the work isn't connecting with an audience the way one had hoped. Are these feelings a mere distraction to be silenced by more focused effort? How might things change if we take a closer look at the systems we're using to create and share our art?

Join us for a discussion on leveling up your work through applied effort or revising your art creation system. 

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