LIA Cast 125 - A Dungeon Crawl for Narrative, with Kohl Glass

Talking about preparing for projects on the LIA Cast!

Creating something to express a narrative can often feel like embarking on a dungeon crawl. You might have a general idea of where you’re headed--maybe you even have a map that some older, wiser person gave you. But it’s not until you’re on the journey that the narrative part of your project begins to take shape. In the dungeon there is little to aid you beyond what you’ve brought, and unknown terrors hide in every shadow. But if you persevere and survive, there’s often some pretty awesome stuff at the end of that dungeon!

So how much do you prepare for these journeys? Are you strategic and tactical, prepared for every eventuality, or do you like to pack light and improvise?

We're joined by film maker and writer Kohl Glass, who helps us discover how we might pack better for our narrative project journeys.

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