Workshop Schedule Filling Up!

We're beginning to fill November's calendar for the big 30 Classes in 30 Days event! Here are some of the great workshops you'll get by signing up:

Comics Fundamentals with Jerzy Drozd
A four-part series of workshops taking you from blank page to a developed comics story.

Creating Crazy Characters! with Krishna Sadasivam
A four-part series of workshops where you'll learn how to use line, pose, and silhouettes to create memorable and dynamic characters.

Foundations of Dynamic Linework with Brandon Dayton
Get a top-to-bottom understanding of how you can use lines to create focus and structure in your illustrations.

Creating Compelling Characters with Tyler James
The creator of the 30 Characters Challenge shares some advanced techniques on how to create characters readers will care about. 

We've also scheduled some Lab sessions on the calendar. Like a lab in school, these will be informal sessions led by an instructor with a proposed topic, though you're welcome to bring your own wonderings or questions to discuss in a roundtable format.

You can subscribe to our public calendar using the following links to stay informed on what workshops are being added to our schedule as we drop them in: 




And don't forget! Only a few more days to take advantage of the early bird discounted registration for the event! After this coming Friday, registration fees will increase. So sign up soon!